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Welcome to the Dedicatedpool WikiEdit

Here you can find the answers for the questions you have about mining, configurations and other things related to the pool.

Feel free to join us at the IRC ##dedicatedpool if you have any questions. IRC Freenode Dedicatedpool Channel

Main Information and PagesEdit

Visit our FAQ for simple questions.

The new port address table can be found here.

Do you want know how to set up a miner for the first time? Windows tutorials are here: CGminer , CUDAminer , GUIminer and Vertminer

Every coin has its own page, the basic information can be found at that Coins page.

Coins on Dedicatedpool
New PoolsRubyCoin MintCoin CacheCoin BlackCoin ZeitCoin    
N-Scrypt PoolsPandaCoin VertCoin       
Main PoolsDogeCoin Volt/Electric Casino Coin Coino Digibyte SaturnCoin LottoCoin MoonCoin
 RedCoin TopCoin SmartCoin Cash 42 Coin Coye Coin RapidCoin EarthCoin
 GlobalCoin GrandCoin NetCoin Spots Worldcoin    

About DedicatedpoolEdit

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Benefits of Mining on DEDICATEDPOOL.COM  

Server Infrastructure  

  • Layer 7 Cloudflare, Layer 5 and 3 stratum, Layer 1-2 switch DDoS protection
  • 8 Core servers, 256GB DDR3 RAM, RAID 10 SSD
  • Ramdisks, memcaches, to make things go extremely quick

Personal Note - Dedicatedpool has been a pool I've used since I began working with Cryptocurrency. I've always had shares roll in smoothly, and I've been able to talk to their administrator binaryclock on IRC whenever I had issues, suggestions, or questions. Through it all, Dedicatedpool has been... well, dedicated! With Pandacoin in particular, Dedicatedpool has a large share of the Network hashrate, making it optimal for low-hashrate miners, and whales alike.

Latest activityEdit

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